• Jeff has been my main engineer for the last 10 years. My studio setups can be complex, and when it comes to getting a certain sound, I can be very particular. Regardless of the studio, project, or talent he delivers a seamless recording experience every time.

    Donald Lawrence I Grammy Award Winning Producer

  • “Working with an engineer as well versed and passionate about his craft as Jeff Breakey makes my job as a producer an enjoyable experience every time. I know that every time he will not only get the job done but be very effective in the process! He's the go to guy!"

    Rick Robinson | Grammy Nominated Producer

  • Jeff keeps things flowing and makes the atmosphere comfortable for creating and recording freely! Jeff is that dude! Always a pleasure!

    Anita Wilson I Grammy Nominated Artist

  • "Jeff is an extremely talented engineer with a great ear. He encourages and guides you to get your best performances. Jeff's a perfectionist and never settle's until it's right."

    Kristina Cottone of Honey and The 45s I Singer-Songwriter

  • We have worked on dozens of projects together, and I cannot imagine producing another album without Jeff Breakey as my engineer.

    Donald Lawrence I Grammy Award Winning Producer

  • I've worked with Jeff for over 8 years. He handles every situation with skill, passion, humility, attentiveness, and professionalism.

    Anita Wilson I Grammy Nominated Artist

  • Jeff is incredibly knowledgable about every step in the process, and always excited to help us perfect our sound. Jeff's experience, vision, and ability to communicate is allowing us to achieve and surpass our goals for each project we bring to him.

    Bassel Al-Madani I Bassel & The Supernaturals

  • "Jeff and I have worked on over 13 projects, including several full length, major label album releases. I cannot imagine running our company without Jeff in the fold. He is a vital part of our team and I would not work on any musical project without him.”

    Greg Peterca | Production Manager, Quiet Water Entertainment

  • “Recording with Jeff is not only a learning experience but also an exciting creative collaboration that I believe is integral for making music. We're working on a new record and I couldn't be more pleased with his ability to bring out and capture the right performance and sound for each song.”

    Ty Maxon | Singer/Songwriter

  • “I have had the privilege of recording numerous projects with Jeff over the past 5 Years. Working with him always guarantees the session to run smoothly and be a great experience!”

    Andreanna Moravec | Violinist & Violist, Affinity Music Chicago